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The Personal Project is a mandatory project in year 5 (grade 10) of the Middle Years Programme.  This culminating example of inquiry reflects a student's ability to initiate, manage and direct their own learning.  It is an opportunity for students to explore a topic of interest, to develop approaches to learning skills and to create something uniquely meaningful.

The Personal Project is composed of five parts:

  1. Investiga...

You can use ManageBac to access your assignments via the Personal Project class. You can access your proposal page and process journal through the IB Manager menu on the left side.

See below for the instructions. Use the arrows to view the slideshow.

Read this comic to help you understand what is expected from our IB Personal Project students.

Click on the image to enter full screen. 

Use the arrows on the left and right side of the images to view the next page.

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Created by the Carson Graham - Personal Project Team

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